Want to attain a greater level of success in your applications? Make your customers and clients remember you for a lifetime with the breath-taking SOP. It’s time to play your trump card with Bhavik Sarkhedi

Do find developing SOP extremely time-consuming? Don’t know how to come up with a professional-looking design? Well, we have the resources to help you out in this. We combine our experience and expertise to build the SOP through which you can impress the committee members of any colleges and universities.

With us, you will get a good SOP that:

  • Explains why you are the best candidate
  • Emphasizes your personalities
  • Describes your plans, career goals and academic records
  • Is targeted on a certain program
  • Shows your research interests, accomplishments, skills and background
  • Is 100 percent genuine

Trust us when it comes to hiring a professional SOP writer because we understand its importance and give our best.

Dos and Don’ts while drafting a perfect SOP

There are simple pointers that make your SOP stand out in the competition. The way you draft your SOP differentiates you from other applicants. Bhavik Sarkhedi showcases your unique personality with crisp and clear statements in your SOP. As trusted SOP Writing Services, we follow all the general guidelines to make your SOP selection worthy. Our large pool of writers is well aware of the requirements of universities that help us craft university-specific SOPs. We follow the basic Dos, and Don’ts to draft an exemplary SOP for student visa. Here are the components that you should be aware of while drafting an SOP.


  • Your SOP must have an attention-seeking beginning and influencing ending statement. Usually, professional visa SOP writing services offer you these elements with expertise in SOP drafting.
  • Make the SOP for tourist visa 100% original and unique. You should take ideas but never copy from other sources or samples.
  • Your SOP must speak about the academic scores, research conducted, work experience, and future goals.
  • The SOP for spouse visa should always be in an active voice that offers readers a clear and transparent understanding.
  • Information in the SOP for work visa should get conveyed in a positive mindset that reflects your passion.


  • Don’t exceed the word limit while writing your SOP for visa officer
  • Don’t use the same SOPs for applying in all universities
  • Avoid using personal and family backgrounds.
  • Don’t make your SOP sound empty or like a story.
  • Avoid using common phrases in your SOP.

These are some major guidelines that we follow. For professional SOP drafting, you can trust with all your instinct. More than a decade of experience makes us suitable for your SOP needs.  

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