Perfect SOP for Student Visa

SOP for Study Visa is a ticket for your dreams! Don’t let that snatched away from you with an imprecise SOP format for student visa! Explore our sample SOP for student dependent visa and achieve your vision now!

What makes an SOP acceptable by all reputed universities?

Every letter of purpose for student visa application must answer the three important “WH” to achieve a place in selected SOPs. These “WH” questions include:

  • Who are you?
  • What is your academic background?
  • Why are you a suitable candidate for the program?

If you answer these three above questions in your statement of purpose for student visa, the admission committee will approve your SOP. For a professional SOP, you need to hire professional SOP Writers. Bhavik Sarkhedi stands as the most preeminent SOP writing agency in India to draft unique SOPs to fulfill your dream.

We deliver you Online SOP writing services to enable you to join your study program abroad. Our extensive team of expert SOP writers accumulates all applicant data and drafts SOPs that enhance personality and grabs a seat in reputed universities.

What objectives do we fulfill with a well-crafted SOP?

International universities are becoming the new study destination for aspirants all over the world. With a broad gateway to exposure, these universities never lack in facilitating opportunities to their students. This results in a flood of students applying for top universities to complete the higher study program. With good grades and significant profiles, universities are experiencing a rush. Thus, the only approach they deploy to filter candidates is SOP. Every SOP has objectives to fulfill in the writing so that the admission committee selects it for the first attention.

Here are the objectives that Bhavik Sarkhedi addresses in SOPs

  • While drafting your SOP, Bhavik Sarkhedi’s team addresses the primary objective of SOPs, and that is the reason for choosing the nation. This is a reason that every visa approval officer also verifies before approving. We make sure that your reasons to choose the nation are unique and fruitful to the nation.
  • In student Visa SOP writing, we also address why you are choosing the particular university for your study program. We even highlight your post-study plans to make sure that evaluators find potent in you.
  • Our Visa SOP writing Services also focus on the study program that you choose. While writing your SOP, we ensure that your experience is beneficial for the program and that you are well aware of the program curriculum.
  • The final objective that we fulfill in our SOP writing services is uniqueness. We make it 100% unique and make it stand out from all regular SOPs. So, hire professional SOP writers in India with Bhavik Sarkhedi.

An extensive range of SOP services that we offer for all different nations

Bhavik Sarkhedi is a prominent and reliable name when it comes to SOP. We craft SOP for all nations and universities that you want! In our broad range of services, we draft you:

  • SOP for USA student visa
  • SOP for UK student visa
  • SOP for Germany student visa
  • SOP for France student visa
  • SOP for New Zealand student visa
  • SOP for Sweden student visa
  • SOP for Ireland student visa
  • Schengen student visa cover letter

Information to highlight in your SOP

The SOP that you draft must be unique enough to grasp the reader’s attention. Our SOPs are 1000 word long essays about the applicant in a crisp statement. Unless the university demand, we keep the word length of SOP unchanged. As the SOP plays a critical role in increasing your admission chances, we make sure to highlight the SOP with vital pieces of information.

In special and focused attention to all SOPs, we deliver course-related and applicant relates data. To offer the SOP an edge over the competition, we include the varied experience of applicants. Further, Bhavik Sarkhedi and the team are completely aware of the SOP requirement of all universities. Being familiar makes us include the following information in your SOP.

We highlight your SOP with:

  • Course structure
  • Faculty
  • Professors
  • Student clubs
  • University facilities
  • Any other important university highlights that can enhance applicant profile

If the applicant has any gap years or backlogs, we also make sure that we justify the gap years with an explanation and fruitful activities during that time to enhance the applicant profile.

Prerequisites in the SOP for study visa 

Your SOPs demand to be more personal with valuable information. It should get drafted in such an approach that enables SOP evaluators to acknowledge the potent of the applicant. Every year universities demand new information in the SOPs. There are even universities that completely change the format. Some indispensable prerequisites that remain unchanged are:

Academic Score

Academic scores are must include information to keep in your SOP. Many universities emphasize academic scores, especially for programs like engineering and business administration. We validate your SOP by talking about your academic experience in such a way that enhances your profile. A good grade also offers you an extra edge over all other competitors.

Voluntary and community services

Despite your academic score, extracurricular services also boost your chances of selection. The voluntary and community services are usually criteria mentioned in the SOPs of the post-graduate program. When you are applying for programs that include public administration, and social service, we make sure to include all your activities and highlight them with the right choice of words.

Work experience

Work experience is a statutory requirement again for all post-graduate programs. Relevant work experience always signifies the potent in candidates. We at Bhavik Sarkhedi use the work experience to highlight your SOP. In the work experience, we make count all your activities.

Word count

It is a vital requirement in every SOP. There are even many universities that are specific about word count in SOPs. Exceeding the maximum limit will straight out lead to rejection. Our team is completely aware of the word count requirement of every university to deliver you perfection.

A perfect ending statement decides selection!

The ending of an SOP also plays a decisive role in the selection of a candidate. Ending the SOP with a perfect statement becomes the last crucial thing to achieve. Our ending statement is always unique that sticks in the mind of the Visa officer and admission panel to offer you a seat. In an appealing ending statement, we write about your future goals. We describe your future endeavors after the completion of your course to make your SOP selection worthy!


Can I use one SOP for all universities?

No! SOPs are university-specific. You cannot use one for all universities.

What should my SOP reflect? Dos & Don’ts of SOP Writing


  • The SOP must be interesting and crisp
  • Talk about academic background, research, and future goals
  • Should speak about the purpose of education


  • Don’t use the same SOP
  • Don’t mention family information
  • Avoid using common phrases

How to find best SOP Writing Services, India?

Online searching is the best approach to find SOP writing services in India.

Can we use same course application for VISA SOP as well?

No! Visa SOPs are of a different kind; you need to verify requirements before applying.

How soon can we apply for Canada VISA SOP after refusal?

There is no certain time gap required for re-applying.

How to find the best SOP writers online?

You can read the reviews and samples to find the best SOP writers.

What are the elements that I should keep in mind while writing my SOP?

Uniqueness and clear statements are two elements to keep in mind.

Why should you hire a professional SOP writer in India for your SOP?

Professional SOP writers are well aware of the university terms. So, you should hire professionals.

What is the word limit for SOP? How long should an SOP be?

The general word limit is 1000. However, different university comes with a different word limit. uses cookies to deliver the best experience possible.