It all started four years ago with numerous cups of coffee and a vision to transform the digital marketing scenario in India. Digital marketing is crippled without content marketing, and both complement each other like chips and dips. So, I decided to help entrepreneurs scale their business by serving them as content marketing consultant. Back in the day, the only handful of traditional businesses were transitioning to the digital world. The lack of awareness and myths made the digital world and marketing a complicated concept.

It was a challenge for me to spread awareness of digital marketing and change the traditional business owners’ rigid mindset. Research and Results were the tools that helped me navigate through their ancient mindset and open up to new ways of doing business. As a digital marketing consultant, I understand that if an entrepreneur wants to succeed, he needs to connect with the audience at the platforms where they are active. They need to approach the target audience in the jargon and style they prefer, and for that, it’s important to understand their psyche.

My approach was simple: to understand the target audience’s psychology, their pain points, and what drives them. Once I catch the nerve of the customers, the conversion is the by-product. Over the years, I worked with start-ups, corporate clients and multinational companies and helped them achieve 3X growth in half the time and budget. So, if you want to scale your business, it is essential to go digital.

As a digital marketer and a content consultant, I am responsible and accountable for the results. When you hire me as a consultant, expect me to:


1. Deliver complete analysis on your digital presence

Are you present in the virtual world but lacking leads and conversions? Digital presence may not guarantee revenue. As a marketing expert and your digital content consultant, I will first analyse your website’s health and social media ranking. By looking at the past efforts we will make the foundation for the present strategy and future growth. Once the analysis is complete, we will discuss how to get back on track and increase your company’s sales. The idea is to go back and understand history before creating a new one.


2. Revamp your corporate branding and reputation

Goodwill is important in traditional business; similarly, branding and online reputation are important in the virtual world. If you have a positive online reputation, you will become a sales magnet as people find your trustworthy. As a content development consultant, it’s my responsibility to place content on social media in a way that shows you as a credible brand. Corporate branding has become the need of the hour that helps beat the market competition.


3. Marry Digital Marketing with Content Marketing

As I mentioned above, digital and content marketing is the life and breath of the organisation. I prefer connecting with customers emotionally. The art of communicating and storytelling will help clients understand your values and ethos. Other than social media platform, the business website also leverages from content posted on blog pages. Acting as your web content consultant, I will ensure a marketing strategy is in place. These blogs and various other strategies will become a medium to develop a connection that will last longer, and the customers will become valuable asset. As a digital marketing expert, one cannot ignore the importance of content marketing.


4. Create a personalised Digital Strategy

Like no two fingerprints are the same. Similarly, no two digital marketing strategies can be the same. Every business has its unique value proposition, and as a digital marketing expert, I intend to create strategies that trigger action with every post, blog or campaign. Creating a unique personalised strategy sets the plan in action and gives direction to the team. Once the strategising is complete, the only thing left is the implementation. The role of a content strategy consultant begins at execution; where we do A/B testing to test the different versions of the campaign. And continues to revive even after the campaigns results are announced. Later the campaigns with positive performance are used as a sales pitch or social media posts. In short, at every step, we improvise to minimise the cost and maximise results.


5. Create your Personal Brand

Personal branding is equally as important as corporate branding. Nowadays, people want to know who the man of action is. With an experience in content writing consultancy, I suggest that entrepreneurs focus on personal branding and personally connect with their customers. Podcasts, live streaming on social media or personalised emails are the activities that will create a personal connection with the clients, leading towards a lasting relationship and trust.


6. Track and Analyse Results

Apart from strategising, another important responsibility of a digital marketing expert is to track results and analyse data. Data is like the blood of the organisation, and if analysed minutely, it will give detailed insights into the campaign. An experienced digital marketer will never ignore the data; they will create/tweak the digital marketing strategy only after viewing the results. I strongly advocate and implement tracking and analysing results to plan ahead.


7. 3X business growth

Last but not least, you can rely on me for your business growth. With over a decade of experience as a digital marketing expert, I know the business’s nerve. We at have created a streamlined process that will triple the sales and revenue in half the time. With us, you can set the goals and relax, as we are here to outperform.


I started my digital and content consultant company,, to transform our country’s digital marketing industry. As the years passed, I became a part of the world’s top writers, best content marketers in India, and more than 45 national and international magazines published my work. I became an inspirational and success story because of the hard work and smart work we did in our organisation. As I often say, “I was my first client.”

With consistent strategising, experimentation and data analysis, I scaled my start-up into a revenue-generating AI-enabled company. Today, we work with national and international clients to transform their digital image, diagnosing the areas hindering their growth and creating digital marketing strategies that guarantee success.

If you are a start-up, multinational company or a traditional business that intends to benefit from the digital world, we will be your partner in struggle. Together let us explore the road less travelled and stay ahead of the competition.


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