Tired of pulling tricks and baits to keep a good image of your business website? No more getting yourself worked up. We know it can be a tricky business to keep the online presence of the website and all other platforms optimized.

Even with the best marketing experts, the pain of strategy put behind the tasks does not go away. From what it seems, you’ve come just to the right place to outsource solutions for your SEO activities.

We understand if you are just browsing the market to land on one of the best SEO consultants in Ahmedabad. At our service, Bhavik Sarkhedi along with his team of marketing experts can take your business on a successful SEO journey.

What brings Bhavik to the world of consultancy, is his years of experience in the marketing industry. He has been familiar with every old and new trick relevant to digital marketing.

We wish to keep your worries behind and let you focus on the business operations. Before you can decide between hiring a professional SEO consultant, we would be answering some of the general queries.


Services to expect

Nothing goes unnoticed from our sight, our team is dedicated to observing every detail about your business relevant for a marketing strategy. It begins from the competitor analysis, where basic strategies are laid looking at the market competition.

Our expert SEO consultant will nurture your website with organic search results, by way of website analysis, keywords, content optimization.

Content is spread over the internet across various platforms, we ensure that your business ranks in top search engine result through website content and backlinks.

All this at one place, but first we begin with sitting with your business representative and talk strategy. Now if you have a team of SEO experts, the SEO marketing consultant will ensure a smooth flow of planning and implementation


How do we execute the services?

A lot of SEO marketing consultants would give you the answer that they can get your business ranking on top within three or four weeks. We do not wish to make such strong promises without making sure how well is your business doing.

So how do we plan to keep the credibility of the website? By constantly looking out at the changing Google algorithm and search engines relevant to your business.

With the concept of online business development, every day you might be gaining an extra competitor. We eye for all these details and optimize the Google search engine result page. What comes next is the use of Google AdWords to ensure keyword optimization.

These white hat strategies are just how we will start to bring improvisation to your online presence. Further, we believe in evolving with new strategies with the changing market trends.


What are the tools we invest in?

When you hire us as your search engine optimization consultant, every step of the SEO activity will involve planning and testing. How good or bad the investment? Is the company using the tool for the first time? Can the SEO experts learn to master the new tools?

It is necessary to answer all of these questions as the success of SEO activities highly depends on the utilization of tools. We shall shed light on some of the tools relevant to the SEO activities to help you form a perspective.

Google Analytics, Bing webmaster tools, Search console, are a few of the many analytical tools that our digital marketing consultant will apply to your business.

For your audience to crawl the website better, our webmasters look after tools for crawling and indexing. The tools like Link Direct Trace, Redirect path, and Xenu are meant to optimize the website.

Keyword search, Local SEO, and Link building to Mobile SEO, On-page SEO, and general optimization activities ensure to pick up the right set of tools. If needed, we also standby to familiarize your team of SEO experts with new tools and tricks.

Every SEO consultant in India is on the move to be a part of your business and help you grow an online presence. With tons of options available in the market, the decision-making process becomes crucial.

However, it seems you have come so far on our page looking for an SEO and digital marketing consultant to stay with us for a while. We are about to put on a show of benefits for your business’s SEO activities.

1. We value your time

Whether you are running around looking for advice or searching SEO strategies, the chase ends right here. With the services of the best SEO consultant in India, we ensure that your business operations can be carried out smoothly.

Our consulting services aim to provide businesses with quick SEO solutions. The marketing trends are changing every minute; thus we like to work on relevant activities before they become outdated.

2. The goal is; Content quality

Optimization does not just happen by creating numerous backlinks of the website content. Your audience needs content that adds value to their reading. So what we aim to do is integrate your platforms with SEO-friendly content.

The website blogs will flourish with the latest topics, social media will cater the promotion, search engine results will include meta tags and snippets. All of this under one roof and the guidance of Bhavik Sarkhedi, an SEO expert in India.

3. Optimizing cross-platforms

Digital mediums are not limited to the website anymore, we have several social media platforms and online tricks up our sleeves. As the world has adopted browsing mode on mobile, we as your SEO consultant will optimize the website for different technologies.

The algorithm of different devices, especially mobile and desktop is unique and requires specific responsive designs. With our consulting services, we ensure that all the devices and your online platforms will benefit from the SEO tricks.


It’s all about Value Addition

The website is the most valuable possession of any business. As it is part of owned media, websites are also the first touchpoint between the company and the audience.

Bhavik Sarkhedi, known to be one of the leading digital marketers in the world, is an SEO expert in Ahmedabad. We aim to get through your SEO activities by applying White hat SEO strategies.

The idea is to avoid becoming a hindrance for the audience, by refraining from keyword stuffing, unnecessary ads, duplicate content, hidden links, etc.

So, it might take a while to reach the goals through ethical means but the results will be a value-addition to the business. The best part is; Once you’ve signed us up, we got your back for the long-run.


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