What brings you here? The search for a digital marketing consultant who can be the guiding light to your online strategies, right?

We understand how the modern ways of business operations have pushed every small to big business to thrive under the umbrella of digital marketing. However, for most businesses, their daily operations are their utmost priority, after all, revenue comes from the core product/service of the business.

So why invest in digital marketing that too hiring help from a digital marketing specialist like Bhavik Sarkhedi? Well, the answer is simple, online presence is inevitable and businesses need digital presence with minimal time investment.

An online marketing consultant is your guide, helper, marketer, analyst, all-in-one expert whose only motive is to amplify all your digital platforms.

Bhavik Sarkhedi along with his team of marketing experts has chosen this path after years of field experience in marketing. As an online digital marketing consultant, we specialize in end-to-end services.

Probable services you can expect after signing up for our consultancy service are;


1. An extra perspective gained

For people in your organization are well-known for the daily operations and traditional values of the company. As important it is to understand the client’s perspective, digital marketing consultants make sure they value the market trends and compare them with the business efforts. Bhavik Sarkhedi and the team strive to collect the data of competitors and the latest trends in the world of digital marketing.


2. Specialized resources

An online digital marketing consultant is not here to sit just for strategies. With a team of experts set in place, we all work towards the common goal of planning and execution strategies. This consultancy platform caters to all your needs in one place.

From proficient SEO Consultant, UX/UI developer, social media expert, website developer, each person is well-versed in their field. Thus if you are hiring a lone consultant, the digital expert will guide your marketing specialist, if not then you benefit from power-packed services that include more than just a word of advice.


3. How well the digital strategies worked for your business?

You might have asked these questions a lot of time after executing every marketing strategy. We know how tricky it can seem to measure all the numbers and combine analytical data.

Even if you have a team of digital experts in place, it might become a lengthy task to analyse efforts applied for every digital marketing activity. Worry no more, as our consulting services are here to reduce your burden.

Bhavik Sarkhedi who is known as one the best digital marketing consultant in Ahmedabad possesses expertise in SEO marketing, Social media marketing, content marketing, email marketing, and many more to count.


4. Tricky digital tools

Are you confused about how does the Google AdWords tool work or do you wish to understand how Instagram’s promotional mechanism works? As your well-wisher and online digital marketing consultant, we seek the role of understanding what tools can contribute to the marketing activities.

It not just about using the existing set of tools that need to be used efficiently. An ideal consultant is who knows to keep track of the latest marketing automation tools. Staying relevant is how we have survived in the world of marketing consultancy, under the roof of Bhavik’s consulting services, we are here to provide you diverse solutions off the market.

Not just that, we know to work on a tool first you need to understand the objectives. So our consulting experts will also help you understand functions of necessary tools and their benefits.

Getting on board with digital marketing services in Ahmedabad is as tricky as starting a new business. You may be confused whom to approach, how authentic they are, and would they understand your marketing needs?

Since you are already here, thinking about us, let us walk you through some of our key internet marketing consulting services.

1.  Getting to know your business

The world of digital marketing works solely on the purpose a company wants to serve in the industry. Our consultant expert Bhavik Sarkhedi along with his team will undergo a SWOT analysis of your business.

To be able to give marketing advice, we need to understand how you do the business, who are your competitors, and your vision about the company. Building on these key points the next steps in the marketing strategy are executed.

We aim to conduct SWOT analysis not just while procuring you as a client. Staying relevant to the business goals, threats, and opportunities is a task we plan to carry out periodically.

2. Time to bring A-Game in Strategy

By now we understand what is your business and who are your competitors. The next goal is to strategically look at digital platforms that can be an asset for your business objectives. The integrated marketing approach has become a universal strategy.

Each platform will require an individual and combined campaign strategy that will be planned by our digital marketing specialist. We ensure that your marketing objectives are in the right lane and they keep varying with the trends of the time.

The strategy formation will include ideas starting from campaigns, tools of promotion, to analytical tools for performance measurement.

3. Creating a content plan

In the previous step of strategy creation, we made sure the digital marketing activities that will be beneficial for your business and how often you might need to stay active with campaigns. The next plan is to go into specific details.

For social media, our internet marketing consultant aims for a creative content plan, structured in an editorial calendar. Similarly, a content calendar will be organized for blogs posted on the company website, as well as backlinks, and campaigns created for an integrated marketing plan.

4. A plan for optimizing human resources and tools

Once your overall strategy and execution strategy is ready, we make sure that the right skill set and platforms are on board to incentivize the marketing plan.

We value how much you have already invested in hiring an internet marketing consultant, so each marketing strategy will have experts on board to roll out the output efficiently and quickly.

If needed we will introduce your business with new tools, our marketing experts are known to be well-versed with the latest technology. The digital marketing consultant will ensure all the relevant tools are working in favor of the business’s marketing goal.


We’ve signed up for a long journey!

Digital marketing activities are headed for a long-term achievement plan which can only come from continuously planning for the marketing goals.

We do not wish that you tire yourself up chasing after the marketing plan all by yourself. To avoid that, we bring to your services right from the table of Bhavik Sarkhedi, known as one of the best digital marketing consultants.

The goal is to cater to the best internet marketing services in Ahmedabad. You can rest all your problems and confusion on our shoulders, as an experienced consultant with a dedicated team of experts we are here for the long haul.

In pursuit of efficient marketing results, we strategize, test, implement, track the progress, in short, we thrive to be present end-to-end. If you wish to bring A-game to your marketing plan, test our waters and see for yourself how efficient are our digital marketing consultancy services.


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